Management and Control Systems

Project Management

The Project Manager is responsible for assuring that cross-functional communication exists among the sub-organizations and that there is a continuous exchange of viewpoints to enhance decision making at all working levels.

Earned Value Management

Matrix Organization

Rodale employs this method to ensure that all product lines are supported.

Government Audited Rates

Rodale’s rates are audited annually by DCASMA, Garden City, NY and are compliant with government regulations.

Cost and Schedule Reporting System

  1. BCWP – Budgeted Cost for Work Performed. Value of completed work.
  2. ACWP – Actual Cost of Work Performed. Data from the cost accounting system.
  3. BAC – Budget at Completion. Sum of all budgets allocated to each WBS.
  4. EAC – Estimate at Completion. Consists of actual costs to date plus estimate of cost for remaining work.