Core Competencies

1. Design, Development & Test

Product design begins with customer’s Performance/Technical specifications.

Product development from prototype stage to first article testing.

First Article Testing includes but is not limited to the following product requirements:
Physical, electrical, temperature, humidity, fungus, sand and dust, shock, vibration, EMI/EMP, Altitude, reliability.

2. Manufacturing / Build-To-Print

Generally includes product requirements from various military commands where the OEM is no longer the sole source, or the customer is seeking a first breakout from the OEM to secure alternative sources of supply.

3. Depot / Repair / Maintenance

Rodale supports its products in the field by offering a depot level capability to repair, refurbish, or upgrade existing product lines. We also have the expertise to support similar product lines from other vendors.

4. Reverse Engineering

Rodale engineers possess a unique ability to identify obsolete components, re-design to Form, Fit, Function requirements and produce a fully functional replacement product.