EDPA (EPLRS Dual Power Adapter)

EDPARodale Electronics Inc leads the way providing our military forces with uncompromised performance in dual power systems for secure radios. With over 12,000 systems in the field Rodale continues to produce EPLRS Dual Power Adapters for the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force.

The EPLRS Dual Power Adapter (EDPA) is the physical interface between the EPLRS Transmitter unit and the AC or DC power source. The EDPA conditions the input power and enables the EPLRS RT unit to operate from an external power source of 20 to 32 VDC or 108 to 32 VAC single phase, at 47 to 63 Hz or 198 to 242 VAC single phase at 47 to 63 Hz European.

The EDPA converts, rectifies, regulates and conditions the external AC/DC power source which supplies the required voltages and current when connected to the EPLRS Receiver Transmitter.

Operational Specifications

AC Input 108 –132 VAC @ 47—63 Hz
DC Input 198—242 VAC @ 47 –63 Hz EU : 20—32 VDC
Dimensions 10.2” (L) x 3.52” (H) x 4.96” (W)
Weight 10 Lbs
MTBF 100,000 hr


Temperature -46C to +71C
Storage Temp -62C to +71C
Meets MIL-STDs 810C, 428, 1275 and MIL-S 901C
P/N 4200D01761-01