AN/DPT-2B Radar Simulator (TRS)

The DPT-2B is a small, compact flight proven radar simulator that has the capabilities of simulating a wide variety of airborne and ground based radars.

The DPT-2B covers the frequency range from H-Band to High J-Band. The systems can be configured for internal aircraft installation or for use on drone or RPV platforms and ground based platforms.


  • Train shipboard operators to identify inbound radar threats.
  • Test and evaluation of RWR systems.
  • Provide training during exercises by combining simultaneous threat radar simulation in combination with jamming, chaff and tow targets.

DPT-2B Simulator Modes

  • Search and Tracking Radars
  • Fire Control Radars
  • Missile Guidance Radars
    • Sea-Skimming Missiles
    • Cruise Missiles

Operational Features

  • Real time control of modes and mode parameters.
  • Multi band simultaneous operation and control.
  • Automatic frequency tuning
    • In-flight Auto Tune
    • Serially controlled embedded micro-controller
    • High torque stepper motor
    • Precision optical encoder
  • Operational airborne man-machine interface via notebook computer or cockpit control box.
    The radar simulator mission development software provides a way of developing emitter records. An emitter record contains programmable parameter definitions such as pulse repetition frequency, pulse width, magnetron frequency, stagger, jitter, scan and scan types.
    Each individual record can be constructed using these windows. The user can create up to 1000 emitters and save them under a file name for later recall. Each emitter record can be downloaded to the DPT-2B computer to produce the high fidelity RF waveform of that emitter record.


Power Requirements 28 Vdc @10 Amps or 115V/200V, 400Hz, 3 phase, @1.5 amps/phase
Dimensions 27 x 20 x 12 cm
DPT-2B Weight 6 Kg


  • Extensive BIT
  • Off-the-Shelf Test Equipment
  • Full Depot Support
  • Configuration Managed
  • Documented Reliability
  • Continuous Upgrades


  • On Site
  • Comprehensive operational and maintenance manuals
  • Proven training program and materials


Specifications are available for download in PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you may download it here.